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The Risen Christ Protects His Disciples

Sermon on John 17:11b-19 for the 7th Sunday of Easter, May 13, 2018 In the name of our risen and ascended Lord Jesus, dear friends, To say that the world and society we live in is dangerous would be an understatement.  As a matter of fact, every day is stacked with danger; things go wrong…

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! That’s the Christian’s Battle Cry!

Sermon on Genesis 22:1-18 for the 1st Sunday in Lent, February 18, 2018   Grace, mercy, peace, victory and life are yours from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! I’d like to reminisce a little; back to my high school years, spent at one of our Synod’s preparatory high schools – Michigan Lutheran…

Sermon on Mark 1:21-28 for 4th Sunday after Epiphany, January 28, 2018

There are times when it’s necessary to obtain proof of a person’s authority to do something.  A plainclothes law enforcement officer comes to your door to ask questions.  If that individual didn’t immediately produce a badge or credentials, you’d ask to see them as proof that he or she has the authority to be there…

Jesus’ Verdicts Make You Generous

Sermon on Matthew 25:31-46 for 2nd Sunday of End Times – Last Judgment, November 12, 2017   Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and from our RETURNING Lord Jesus Christ! This is one of those sections of Scripture that makes you wonder whether Martin Luther had it right.  We’ve spent much time…

God Patiently Seeks His Rental Payments

Sermon on Matthew 21:33-43 for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, October 22, 2017. In the name of Jesus, our Cornerstone, dear friends, What happens when you live in an apartment and don’t pay your rent?  What happens if you’ve purchased a home that required you to take out a mortgage and you don’t make your…

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