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“Worthy Is the Lamb!”

+ In the Name of Jesus + “Worthy Is the Lamb!” Sermon on Revelation 5:11-14 for Easter 3 April 28-May 1, 2022 Through the Easter season, our Second Readings are from the book of Revelation. I want you to think of the disciple John, the writer of Revelation. We think he must have been the…

Doubt = Fear, Faith = Peace

Doubt = Fear We live in a time of great doubt. Skepticism. A lack of trust in almost everyone and everything. Politics. Government. Science. Industry. Media. …and even churches and clergy. Is some of that doubt and skepticism justified? I suppose some of it is. There’s nothing wrong with asking a question. When someone refuses…

“Why Are You Crying?”

+ In the Name of Jesus + “Why Are You Crying?” Sermon on John 20:11–18 for Easter Dawn April 17, 2021 In today’s Gospel, we heard a question—the same question twice. “Woman, why are you weeping?” asked once by the angels and once by Jesus. Mary Magdalene gives her reason, “Because they have taken away…

Easter Changes Everything!

I Corinthians 15:51-57 Easter Communion Service 4/17/22 St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church—Beaver Dam, WI   Change. This single word can be very polarizing. Some people like change. Others try to resist change by any means possible. Here at church we changed hymnals about 5 months ago. We prepared ourselves for it. We started learning about the…

Our Lord Has Won!

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Good Friday Midday Service 4/15/22 St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church—Beaver Dam, WI   The team lifts up the hero of the day upon their shoulders. They made the final basket to put their team on top. The mood has changed from sitting on the edge of seats due to nervousness to jubilation. Fans, players,…

Lord Have Mercy!

Luke 18:9-14 Holy Tuesday Confessional Service 4/12/22 St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church—Beaver Dam, WI   We see it all the time around us. It does not matter whether we watch sports, at our work in the corporate world, watch awards shows, or it even trickles down to the grade school level. People like to point to…

“…He Went On Ahead…”

+ In the Name of Jesus + “…He Went On Ahead…” Sermon on Luke 19:28-40 for Palm Sunday(C) April 8 & 10, 2022 Jesus is amazing. Simply because he is our Savior that is amazing enough! He gave himself, his life, selflessly. That’s the theme in today’s Second Reading: “he emptied himself by taking the…

A Part for the Whole

Luke 23:13-16 Midweek Lenten Sermon 3/23/22; 3/30/22; 4/6/22 St. Stephen’s—Beaver Dam, WI; St. John’s—Juneau, WI; Good Shepherd—Beaver Dam, WI   Tales have been told of heroic bravery. A person gives up their life to help save others. A soldier jumps on a grenade to save their comrades from any harm. They do not think about…

Jesus Understands

Hebrews 4:14-16 1st Sunday in Lent 3/4/22 & 3/6/22 St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church—Beaver Dam, WI   Nobody gets me. The lament goes up as a person believes no one understands what they are going through. Work piles up, but no one understands all the work we put into something. Teenagers might be the most notorious…

What to Remember When You Are Seized with Remorse

+ In the Name of Jesus + What to Remember When You Are Seized with Remorse Sermon on Matthew 27:3-4 Midweek Lenten Services St. Stephen’s, March 2 Good Shepherd, March 9 Juneau, March 16 Judas presents us with a tragedy and a The deepest tragedies are often stories of missed opportunities, wasted potential, or even…

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