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A Christian Education

Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

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St. Stephen’s Lutheran School will offer a Christ-centered education to all students.
We will instruct them in the true Word, educate them in secular subjects,
train them to become effective citizens,
and prepare them for their eternal victory in heaven when they die.

We will do this by holding Jesus and His love before them each day by
appropriately using Law and Gospel as we instruct and discipline.

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Extracurricular Activities

Piano Lessons • Band • Children’s Choir
Junior Choir • Tone Chimes
Forensics • Math Meet • Spelling Bee

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Cross Country • Track and Field
Boys Basketball • Girls Basketball
Girls Volleyball • Boys Volleyball
Poms • Softball • Mini Raiders

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Train up a child in the way he should go:
And when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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All four children in our family attended St. Stephen’s Lutheran School. Our children went to school every day knowing that they would have the opportunity to learn about their Savior, without worrying about who might make fun of them for their beliefs. As parents, we enjoy the opportunity to volunteer at the school. My husband coached basketball for four years, and I am beginning my ninth year of accompanying with the Junior Choir. We have both gone on field trips with various classes, and we help out in the classroom or the computer lab at times. Three of our children have graduated from St. Stephen’s, but the teachers continue to ask about how they are doing. One of our daughters has chosen to volunteer at St. Stephen’s for some of her High School Service credit (through the public high school). The teachers at St. Stephen’s took the time to learn about our family; they care about our family; and when one of our children had a medical crisis, the teachers and school helped to take care of our family. The pastors talked with our children about their fears when their sister was very sick. The teachers and classes prayed for our daughter while she was ill. It was and is a wonderful blessing to leave our children at that school every day. We don’t feel as though it is just a school where we drop our kids off. This is a place where our children have met some of their best friends – where we, as parents, have met some of OUR best friends, and where some of our family’s favorite memories have been made. God is good, and He has blessed our family and community tremendously with St. Stephen’s Lutheran School. They care about our children – not only as students, but as people.

Shelley Storhoff

I appreciate the foundation in God’s Word that attending St. Stephen’s has given me. By participating in daily religion class including Christ Light and Catechism, as well as the incorporation of God’s Word into the core classes like English, History, and Science, I was able to really strengthen my faith. I also truly believe that having such good, Christian role models as teachers has given me a clear picture of how I should live out my life in order to show my Christian faith and love for my Savior.

Alexis Luedtke

St. Stephen’s provides a wonderful Christian-based education. Our children are offered God’s Word at the core of every subject whether it is science, math, or geography. Families are able to learn and worship together, which is one of the most wonderful blessings we can pray for.

Anna Gensmer