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January 28, 2024 Annual Meeting Summary

Categories: News

The Annual Meeting of the Voters of our congregation was held Sunday, January 28.

  1. Treasurer David Stange reported that finances of the congregation and school are in satisfactory order and reviewed our security procedures for making payments. Since we are on a fiscal year, a complete audit will be made after our fiscal year ends in June. Our finance committee is also working to consolidate our organizations’ finances into dedicated funds.
  2. Elections for open positions on our Council and Boards were held.

Elected to the Council were:

  • Jesse Benike, Erv Loest, and Don Schultz.
  • New officers will be elected to specific positions at the February Council meeting.
  • Scott Wittnebel, Noah Trimmer and Jeff Schlegel have completed their terms of service. We thank them for their time and efforts serving on the Council.

2023 Council Members (+Departing officers):
Tim Welch – President
Jayme Roll – VP
+Scott Wittnebel – Secretary
David Schumann– District Elder Chairman
Gene Nimmer– Board of Property and Maintenance Chairman
+Jeff Schlegel – Board of Education Chairman
Duane Swenson – Financial Secretary
Steve Seim– Insurance Liaison
+Noah Trimmer–Council Member at large

  • Board of Education: Jason Runke was reelected.

2024 Board of Education Members:
+Jeff Schlegel – Chairman
Mark Schuman
Jacob Schultz
Jason Runke
Andy Estervig
Duane Ohland – Good Shepherd Representative

  • Board of Property and Maintenance: Don Cigelske was reelected.

2023 Board of Property and Maintenance Members:  Gene Nimmer – Chairman
Don Cigelske
Matt  O’Brion
Jim Szopinski

  1. Special written reports were reviewed:
  • Membership actions of 2023 were approved.
  • Other reports were also reviewed.
  1. Old Business
  • Sanctuary Restoration. In the advisory survey, the majority selected design two, which had blue highlights on the ceiling of the transepts, and that was approved by a unanimous vote. The work will begin on February 5. See the Newsletter for details about worship during the project.
  1. New Business
  • Three changes in the bylaws were approved:
  • Because we are now on a fiscal year, (July -June) Article I, Section 1, was changed so that meetings of the congregation are designated thus: January, Annual Meeting. Third quarterly meeting will be the Budget Meeting. Other meetings will simply be called “Quarterly Meetings.”
  • Article IV, a distinction is made between release, which is requested by a member, and removal, which is for “those with whom we have been unable to communicate, despite our diligent efforts to do so.”
  • Article VIII, Section 2, Audit committee shall consist of three people or an outside firm or individual may be asked to conduct or assist in an audit.
Author: admin_ssbdWELS

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